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Why Legs Shake After Sex?

Post-coital experiences vary according to each individual; one common sign may include legs trembling after engaging in sexual activity; however, although this symptom might seem upsetting or concerning it's actually quite normal and physiologically harmless. Here are the reasons why legs shake after sex. 

Reason Behind Legs Shaking After Sex

Sexual activity is a form of exercise that works various muscle groups in your legs. The intensity of sexual activity can lead to muscle fatigue; Leg-shaking can often be taken as a telltale sign that muscles have begun to recover after experiencing additional strain or activity, with sexual arousal increasing blood flow to all regions, including genital and pelvic areas.

Following orgasm, there can be an abrupt redistribution of blood flow which may contribute to temporary weakness or trembling in legs. Experiences associated with sexual encounters can bring on the vasovagal response, an automatic reflex which causes blood pressure and heart rate to decrease significantly, potentially leading to fainting or leg weakness or shaking. While more commonly associated with fainting, its milder forms can produce feelings of weakness or shakes in legs.

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Rarely, individuals may develop Post-Orgasmic Illness Syndrome (POIS). While its precise causes remain unknown, symptoms associated with POIS include fatigue, muscle weakness and shaking post orgasm. It's essential that we distinguish between normal post-coital sensations and potential health concerns in order to be properly diagnosed.


Leg shaking after sexual activity is a normal and usually harmless response to physical and physiological changes that take place during sexual activity, including hormonal fluctuations that take place within your body during sexual activity. Individual responses vary, so not everyone experiences leg shaking. If persistent shaking accompanies pain or other concerning symptoms it would be advisable to consult a healthcare professional and rule out any potential health concerns; otherwise open communication between partners, understanding oneself better and attuning to individual responses are keys to having fulfilling and healthy sexual experiences.

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