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3 Most Popular Sex Positions that you should Opt:

Today there are hundreds of different sex positions. If you are familiar with the Kama Sutra, then you know there are eight core ways people engage in deeds, plus 8 cross-formations that combine these ways into 64 positions that may or may not have their names known to everyone; you might have unknowingly tried many without even realising what their names were! Missionary, 69er doggy style and reverse cowgirl are three that are most commonly known.

Multiple organisations have conducted polls among Americans to learn their preferred way of getting off (like this and this), with four positions regularly topping the charts. We decided to do our own investigation into where these positions originate, so here is their history and origin story! Here are the four most popular sex positions!

Missionary Position:

Missionary isn't usually associated with being romantic, yet it remains popular among couples. Serious partners tend to favour it due to being the most intimate position - plenty of eye contact and kissing can occur here!

Historians and sex experts continue to debate the precise source of its name. Some authors, including those writing for Current Anthropology, assert that hundreds of years ago missionaries traveling around saw native tribes engaging in sexual acts they considered improper and tried educating them on "proper" practices - thus giving rise to its name: missionary.

However, artwork and images depicting people doing things missionary-style appeared long before any such story about missionaries/indians was propagated.

69 Position:

The "69 Position" generates much debate. Take, for instance, this Reddit thread as an example: some see 69 as a way for all involved parties to vent simultaneously, while others think it impedes pleasure because you can't focus on pleasing just yourself at the same time as pleasing someone else.

Love it or hate it, 69 has long been around. At the height of the French Revolution in 1790, Belgian singer Anne-Josephe Theroigne de Mericou wrote in The Whore's Catechisms book about it being soixante-neuf (69).

Over 100 years later, English began using "anus" numerically. The ancient Kama Sutra describes two people going down on each other in what's referred to as the "Congress of Crow" position - usually two women in a harem performing it or possibly both men and women; they suggested performing it either on genitals or anus, either lying side by side or one on top of another.

The first purported image of oral surgery appeared in 1921 on an oil lamp in Munich Museum; reports also exist of Hindu temple structures depicting two figures performing oral surgery on each other, where one stands up while one hangs upside-down before them with feet resting upon shoulders and vice versa - while both partners engage in verbal exchanges between themselves and vice versa.

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Reverse Cowgirl:

In this poll, Reverse Cowgirl was listed as one of the top positions for several states across the U.S. and had the highest search volume across seven states. Searches for "reverse cowgirl" skyrocketed in 2010 following T-Pain's release of his song with that same name; many women find this game easy to control while providing access to their clitoris for stimulation purposes.

Dangerous Minds introduces I Modi or The Ways. The ancient book depicts sexual positions from throughout history and depicts famous scenes, such as two characters from Roland, first performed at Versailles Palace in 1685, performing reverse cowgirl.

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